The internet has taken the world by a storm in a positively unimaginable way.


ONPASSIVE is very real. It is an online business solution that includes dozens of "smart" products, tools and services that form the heart of Total Internet Solution (TIS). So there is no need for worry about anything from the very beginning. You can let go of a fear of online marketing, or not knowing what you are doing, and even fraud and deceit. You should have no worries because we are 100% legit and solution guarantees your success! And as you will learn, this means we have a business solution that ensures everyone's success regardless of who they are or what they have done before. Whether we are a Passive or Active member, we will be successful automatically! 

Everybody will Succeed!

Please understand that what ONPASSIVE offers is a revolutionary, standalone,Total Internet Solution for Online Businesses, driven by Artificial ntelligence (AI).. You got that, right? It’s a total business solution. It has been meticulously developed from the ground up using artificial intelligence (AI). It isa brand new, never-before-seen technology perfectly integrated into a complete system. It’s not a “copy-cat” or Look-alike” product. So we want futuristic, bigpicture thinkers and leaders. We want to attract those leaders that show a patient, visionary mindset that can bring value and leadership to the “table”, so to speak, and thereby add value to the company as a whole. When you employ this system, no matter where you are in your business, it can boost your efforts mid-stride immediately to get you going at a rate and direction conducive to phenomenal success. Because, and this is something to think about, if some of us don’t change our strategy or direction, we may just end up where we are headed. For some that could be scary.




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What is it that one thing which you have always wished for? A happy family, travelling around the world, getting financial freedom... Whatever it is, ONPASSIVE is the only magical wand that will make your dreams come true. Generate a lifetime of residual income with this fully automated and hands-free earning platform